Arizona Going Green is an Arizona based energy efficiency services company that provides home and business energy efficiency inspections, testing, ratings, as well as green building consulting and training services for homebuilders, homeowners, utility companies, and government agencies.
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Just one of our energy audits making a difference
"When I wanted to make energy improvements to my home I started with an energy audit from Arizona Going Green and was able to see the deficiencies in my insulation and air leaks bringing outdoor hot air in my home. Their staff was very knowledgeable and was able to help me prioritize my investment in updating my home to be more energy efficient. I will choose to start with the insulation as that is where I had the largest deficiency and look forward to saving up to 33% on my energy bills.
Thank You - Arizona Going Green
Mari - Buckeye,AZ


Doing a remodel?  Your customers could be eligible for rebates up to $1000 for work you are already planning on doing.

Give us a call to discuss the possibilities.  It doesn’t cost you anything to ask. 

Separate yourself from other builders?
At Arizona Going Green we can provide Builders, Contractors and Home Remodelers with an Energy Plan to fit your needs from Retro-fit to Custom Build. Our goal is to provide you with the most energy efficient plan with the ability to be rated/scored by third party partners such as Energy Star so that you can qualify for tax incentives and rebates currently offered.

Provide an Energy Audit with your remodel or new home to your clients. Put yourself in the forefront of improving people’s lives with their home.

We offer the following Services to our Builders.

Projected Ratings – Starting with the plans we can look at the how the home is planned to be built. Analyze the building materials and mechanical being used. Then come up with an energy efficiency of the project compare to code and energy star. This can be use to make sure you are on the right track or to make energy efficiency improvements, before you even start the project.

Mid-Construction walk through – Using Energy Star thermal bypass checklist. We inspect the home after insulation, but before drywall. Looking for air barrier issues, which could lead to energy inefficiencies and home owner comfort issues.

Confirmed Ratings – After the project is complete we bring in all of our equipment and verify the results. This includes blower door, which test for home air leakage and duct blaster, which test for HVAC air leakage. With data and the window and HVAC information, we create your energy star certificate. We would also assist you with any available tax credit information.

Position yourself as an energy efficient builder and a leader in customer satisfaction. Call Arizona Going Green today!! 480-768-7634

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